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Weirdest Sea Creatures.

The ocean is a vast expanse of untapped beauty. Within it lives millions of little creatures that none of us have even the faintest idea exist. (Read more)


Two gems in Mozambique’s crown that you have to vacation at.

If you’re planning on visiting beautiful Mozambique – whether diving in Mozambique or sunning your skin on the beaches – there are a few facts about this heavenly place that you should know. (Read more)


Important Facts About Mozambique

If you’re planning on visiting beautiful Mozambique – whether diving in Mozambique or sunning your skin on the beaches – there are a few facts about this heavenly place that you should know. (Read more)


The surf and turf combination

The tranquil ambience of the underwater world and the adrenalin-pumping, primal roars of nature’s wildlife are a highly sought after attraction for those who live in landlocked countries. Locally and internationally; the prospect of diving trips in Mozambique is a luxury. (Read more)


The beach bum's guide to Mozambique

Mozambique is peppered with miles and miles of pristine, palm-fringed beaches which make it an irresistible destination for the eloquent beach bum looking for an escape from the concrete jungle. Whether you’re embarking on exciting diving trips in Mozambique or simply looking forward to a week of sun, sand and frozen cocktails, there’s an incredible range of beaches to visit. (Read more)



Fish to spot when scuba diving in Mozambique

Scuba diving is one of the most breath-taking activities that one could participate in. If you’re an avid scuba diver, you will know that Mozambican waters are some of the best to scuba dive in, and diving trips Mozambique are a must for any diver. Because of the fact that no rivers or other bodies of water run into Mozambique’s oceans, the waters are crystal clear and provide perfect viewing conditions for divers looking for a front-row sea creature viewing experience. (Read more)

Scuba Safety

Scuba diving is one of the most exhilarating experiences that anyone could ever have. It comes highly recommended, especially if an opportunity to go on one of the diving trips Mozambique or somewhere with equally pristine waters, presents itself. (Read more)

Activities in Praia do Tofo

Mozambique, a country rich in political history, culture and beauty, is fast becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world. (Read more)


Marine life in Praia do Tofo

Marine life in Praia do Tofo

Often referred to as the next Goa, a small state on the West Coast of India renowned for its sublime beaches and diverse wildlife, Praia do Tofo in Inhambane has transformed itself from a historical anchorage and fishing village to a foreign tourism centre since its discovery by a Portuguese explorer in the late 15th Century. Today, Praia do Tofo boasts miles of magnificent palm lined beaches, vast expanses of azure tropical waters teeming with a remarkable array of marine life and a sprawling population renowned for their hospitality and amicable natures. (Read more)

Accommodation in Mozambique

Accommodation can make or break a holiday, and for this reason it is absolutely essential to find the perfect one for your needs. Your first thoughts should be towards your destination, and only once have you decided where you’d like to go should you find a place to stay in Mozambique. Accommodation can come is all sorts of sizes, costs, and luxury, making it easy to find the one you desire. (Read more)

What makes Mozambique such a great destination?

Despite its turbulent history, Mozambique has become Africa’s proverbial Phoenix, with the country rebuilding itself and emerging as a source of foreign direct investment and one of the world’s most popular diving destinations. Even with its turbulent history and somewhat troubled present, this South East African country’s appeal is undeniable. So what makes this rebounding Portuguese country such a wonderful destination? (Read more)

Activities in Praia do TofoActivities in Praia do Tofo

While Praia do Tofo (also called Tofo) is considered a diver's paradise, the 8 mile stretch of beach hugging the southern coast of Mozambique offers a fantastic array of activities. (Read more)


Code of Conduct for Whale Sharks

To dive with the remarkable Whale Sharks in their natural habitat in Mozambique is a breathtaking and a very rewarding experience. The whale shark is the biggest ‘Shark’ and fish in the ocean. You do have to understand that this is NOT a whale but as shark but is a gentle giant. The whale shark has a huge mouth that can open up to 1.4 meters wide but feeds on krill and plankton.  (Read more)

Mozambique: A Scub

a Diving Paradise

Mozambique is the perfect place for you to play with your passions for scuba diving and marine life. This country is one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations as the water is warm and abundant with marine life and reefs. Whether you are a diver or would rather be spending time on the beach, you can be sure that you’ll leave stunned by the beauty and rich vibrancy that this country has to offer you. (Read more)

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