White Shark Cage Diving & Viewing  
  • White Shark Cage Diving & Viewing

  • White Shark Cage Diving & Viewing

  • White Shark Cage Diving & Viewing

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Great White Shark Cage Diving & Viewing

Pick up in Cape Town OR Self drive arrival at Crewhouse

Your shark operator offers a return shuttle service from the Cape Town city central and Hermanus at an additional cost. Should you book this, we will inform you of your pick-up time the day before the dive. You will be collected at your hotel lobby. The drive from Cape Town to Gansbaai is roughly 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Should you be driving with your own car, you will be provided with directions to our crew house.


Breakfast and Safety Briefing

Upon arrival at the crew house you will be greeted by our friendly host and then seated. Help yourself to some coffee and a substantial continental breakfast.
Whilst you are enjoying your breakfast, you will listen to the safety briefing from your dive master and fill out your indemnity form. Once all formalities are dealt with, the dive master will take the short 2 minute walk with you to the harbour where you will board the shark vessel.
Your day at sea
The boat launches from Kleinbaai harbour. The ride to the anchoring spot is roughly 20 minutes. Once the boat is anchored, the cage will be lowered into the water. Now that the shark cage is in the water, the crew start to chum for the great white sharks. Chum is the bait mixture of pilchards, tuna, fish oil and sea water. The chum is poured into the ocean to create an oily slick which attracts the great white shark. The shark handler now takes a tuna head and tie it to a rope which he tosses into the water into the vicinity of the cage. This gives the shark a visual prey. As soon as the first shark is spotted, the first group of divers will suit up into their wet suits. Divers get into the cage 5 or 7 at a time. You simply hold your breath and pull your head under water, You do not need any qualifications to cage dive with the great white shark.
Should you not wish to cage dive, you can simply enjoy the amazing surface view that this animal offers. All the divers get a turn to have a good look at the great white shark. Many divers choose to get in the cage for a second time.
Lunch and debriefing
The trip at sea lasts anywhere between 2 and 4 hours depending on the shark activity and ocean conditions. Once the cage is pulled back on the boat we make our way back to land where you are greeted to our crew-house once again with a warm meal. Now you can enjoy watching the DVD that the videographer shot of your trip at sea and you can even opt to purchase it on the spot. After lunch is done and you have visited our souvenir shop you hop back onto our bus for the drive back to Cape Town.
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