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  Manta, Whale Shark & Hump Back Whale Dive Combo  
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    Manta, Whale Shark & Hump Back Whale Dive Combo
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    Manta, Whale Shark & Hump Back Whale Dive Combo
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    Manta, Whale Shark & Hump Back Whale Dive Combo
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Manta Ray, Whale Shark & Hump Back Whale Dive Package Combo

This combo will take you to the breath-taking Zavora, a remote resort in Mozambique with excellent diving opportunities. Guests will stay in the luxurious log style chalets with an amazing restaurant for 3 nights.

Zavora has an amazing marine life for divers to explore, but the main attractions are the Manta Rays and Humpback Whales as well as 5 species of Turtle. Sightings of both are almost guaranteed. What is unique about Zavora is that Manta Rays can be seen on the shallow reefs at 6-12 meters. The Humpback Whales are a unique whale species with a specific body shape and the animal is acrobatic – often seen breaching and slapping the water. The males are known for their complex song they sing, which lasts up to 10 – 20 minutes and could be repeated for hours on end. This magnificent animal was once hunted to the brink of extinction, but today they are a favourite amongst whale watchers worldwide. Divers will complete 8 dives at this destination.

This 10 day diving package will also take you to Praia do Tofo, which is the best year round destination for diving with Whale Sharks in the world. Combining these two destinations makes for an unforgettable dive holiday. Guests will stay at a luxury Guesthouse in Praia do Tofo and complete four dives on these magnificent reefs where there is plenty of marine life to marvel at and a 1 day Whale Shark Safari.


Below is a summary of this amazing diving holiday:


10 Days / 9 Nights


Day 1:

Take a flight from Johannesburg Airport/O.R Tambo International Airport to Inhambane, Mozambique. This is where your diving holiday starts! From Inhambane transfer to Zavora resort where you’ll stay in a log style chalet.


Day 2 & 3:

The next three days will consist of 6 amazing dives with a full kit rental and far reef charges in an untouched reef with excellent opportunities to dive with Manta Rays and Humpback Whales.


Day 4:

On day four you will do your final 2 dives and then say goodbye to Zavora and make your way to Praia do Tofo where you’ll overnight at a luxury Guesthouse.


Day 5 - 8:

The next four days consist of 8 dives on the amazing selection of Praia do Tofo reefs. Main attractions here are Manta Rays, Small Eyed Stingays (The only place in the world where they have been spotted alive) and much other marine life. You’ll also be on the lookout of course for Shark Whales and there are many Hump Back Whales in these waters. 


Day 9:

This is the day of your Shark Whale Safari! The main objective of the day is to get up close and personal with the giants of the sea the Whale Sharks. We will launch the boat and only 5 minutes later will be in the hottest location in the world for Whale Sharks! The small coastline of Tofinio is for some reason very popular with Whale Sharks year round and this is the only place in the world where Whale Shark sightings is not seasonal. 


Day 10:

On your last day in the beautiful Mozambique you’ll leave for the airport after breakfast and take a flight back to Johannesburg.

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