10 Day Tofo Diving Holiday  
  • 10 Day Tofo Diving Holiday
    Whale Sharks everywhere
  • 10 Day Tofo Diving Holiday
    Awesome Manta Ray encounters
  • 10 Day Tofo Diving Holiday
    Dive the famous Manta reef
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10 Day Tofo Diving Holiday

Spend 10 days diving on this exceptional reef in Praia do Tofo in Mozambique and swim with the amazing Whale Sharks and beautiful Manta Rays. This is the perfect holiday package for a group of friends or family as well as individuals and couples.

Whale Sharks are gentle, fun-loving species who pose no threat to humans and are known to be friendly with divers. This massive shark moves very slow and is the largest extant fish species today. They feed on plankton – which are microscopic plants and animals. On this holiday package you and your group will go on one Whale Shark Safari.

Manta Rays are the other main attraction on this holiday and they are also a very friendly species. Manta Rays are the largest of the ray family and extremely graceful swimmers.  They are typically found around reefs like Praia do Tofo, which makes this the optimum trip to see them.

These exceptional reefs have much other marine life for you to explore when on your diving holiday. This trip includes two flights, 9 nights at a luxury B&B Accommodation with an en suite room in Praia do Tofo’ guesthouse, 10 scuba diving packages including equipment, 1 Whale Shark Safari including equipment and much more.

Below is a summary of this amazing trip:


10 Days / 9 Nights


Day 1

Your 10 day diving holiday starts! Take a flight from Johannesburg Airport/O.R. Tambo International Airport to Inhambane, Mozambique. From here transfer to Praia do Tofo where you’ll overnight.

Day 2 to 8 

The next seven days you will enjoy yourself on the reef with ten diving packages while continuing to overnight at the luxurious B&B Accommodation at Praia do Tofo. 

Day 9 

Your next thrilling activity is a one day Whale Shark Safari. All equipment is included and you will spend one final night in Praia do Tofo.

Day 10 

On day ten you’ll transfer back to Inhambane and return to Johannesburg.

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